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Why the CAM Broad Market
Strategic Income Fund?

The CAM Broad Market Strategic Income Fund provides an opportunity for long-term investors to find a conservative risk/reward balance that focuses on downside protection and total return.

The Fund's strength is its managers' disciplined approach to bottom-up, value investing.

The managers use in-depth analysis in an attempt to identify and purchase high-quality bonds when they are undervalued or out of favor, resulting in income and growth potential for the Fund.


Management Perspectives

Why choose active management?

Much has been written about the pros and cons of using actively managed funds versus passive index funds or self-directed investments. We are of the opinion that, over the long term, investors are better served when a fund's manager is actively involved in pursuit of its given strategy.

Active managers impart intellect, skill, and insight into a complex process. It is a human factor that is difficult to measure and define, but, for talented fund managers, has the potential to provide investors favorable long-term risk control and absolute return. Read more >

   Quarterly Commentary

"Monetary policy...has done everything it can unless you want to put additional QEs on...There’s no real evidence that we’re getting an impact on lending and on the economy picking up..."

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